Saturday, 18 March 2017

Grey Wagtail and Water Rail at Lemsford Springs

9th March 2017

Time for another visit to Lemsford Springs to try and get some better photos of the Water Rails that have been showing well there. Unfortunately no sign when I first peered out of the hide, but all hell was let loose when a couple of Moorhens were having a territorial dispute and the referee lost control. With those sharp claws it is always amazing that there are no serious injuries.

Another Lemsford speciality is the Grey Wagtail and one individual spent the whole afternoon trotting up and down the cress beds. What cracking birds.

And eventually just one of the three Water Rails showed up and was feeding below the bank on the far side. When it was tucked under the overhang or in amongst the reeds it was in shadow making life difficult, but on occasions it would leave the cover of the bank and feed in the sunshine allowing a number of shots to be taken. Not bad for a supposedly secretive bird!!

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