Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Red-spotted Bluethroat at Willow Tree Fen

13th February 2017

After a superb morning with the Little Bunting at Great Barford it was time to continue up the A1 to see the 1st winter male Red-spotted Bluethroat at Willow Tree Fen in Lincolnshire. The bird had been present for a few days including the weekend, so I was expecting a small gathering, but not the 40 or so that had turned up on a mid-week afternoon.

When we arrived the bird was feeding on the track with two groups of observers keeping a reasonable distance either side of it. Despite the attention the bird was totally unfazed and would frequently approach the groups to within 10 feet, so just a question of waiting your turn. Hopefully the close proximity is borne out in the photographs.

What an absolute cracker!!

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