Thursday, 5 January 2017

Great Northern Divers at Grafham Water

29th December 2016

I don't think that I have ever been to Grafham Water before, but a report of three Great Northern Divers close in to the dam was too much to resist. Having parked up we walked down to the dam and proceeded to walk along the wall. As it was flat calm, the lake was like a mill-pond, and as there was little other wildfowl we had expected the divers to be very conspicuous. Sadly there was no sign. We continued along the wall and it wasn't until we were approaching the far end that they suddenly came into view. Initially they were a fair way out but gradually moved closer allowing many shots to be taken.

This bird seemed quite excited that it had caught what must be the smallest of Perches.

Of the three birds present two were associating very closely and the third kept on its own several tens of metres away.

But on just one occasion all three swam together, albeit a fair way out, resulting in just a record shot.

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