Thursday, 3 November 2016

White-fronted Geese at East Mersea

22nd October 2016

On the 19th October Andy Field found a juvenile White-fronted Goose associating with the Greylags on the grazing meadow at Cudmore Grove in East Mersea. It was still present the following day and on the 21st October had been joined by two adults and a second juvenile. Therefore an ideal opportunity to combine this with a visit to Fingringhoe Wick.

On arrival I headed straight for the nearest grazing marsh where, due to the lack of rain, the usual flood is currently no more than a large patch of soggy mud. On my last visit this is where the Greylags had been feeding, but today I could see that they had moved to the second field over by The Point, which they were sharing with a large flock of Brent Geese.

I walked along the sea wall to get closer to the flock which were feeding some 80-100 yards away, but luckily with the light behind me. It didn't take long to find the two white bill surrounds which shone out every time they lifted their heads.

One of the juveniles was loosely associating with them, but I couldn't find the second which I have subsequently found out was feeding in another part of the Greylag flock. The White-fronted Goose was the first really wild goose that I saw a few decades ago and still remains one of my favourites.

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