Saturday, 22 October 2016

In Search of Migrants at Landguard Point

12th October 2016

After two days of easterlies and Yellow-broweds everywhere it seemed a good idea to try Landguard Point for some migrants. On our arrival the wind was nowhere near as strong as expected, although this did have the advantage of allowing birds to sit up and be seen rather than cowering in the depths of vegetation. The first bird to oblige was this rather confiding Dunnock.

Linnets are usually all over the place at Landguard, but not always easy to get close to. On the other hand this Kestrel was quite used to people and just sat there as I got closer.

Wheatears are also quite common here at this time of year, but always being out in the open are quite difficult to get close to. Luckily, Meadow Pipits which are also birds of open areas, are far more approachable.

A close look at the brambles soon revealed a young Blackcap that was intent on feeding on the many blackberries. Luckily this bird was quite happy to ignore you provided you just stood still and waited with no sudden movements.

But the star of the show today was this male Goldcrest that suddenly poked its head out of another bramble bush. This bird was even more confiding than the Blackcap and at times I was having difficulty in getting it all in the frame and keeping it outside the minimum focusing range. What a great way to end the day!!!

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