Sunday, 18 September 2016

An Osprey at Panshanger Park

1st September 2016

I have records of an Osprey visiting Panshanger Park going back to 2006, although I am aware that it was visiting for a few years before that. My records are for the years 2006 - 2009 inclusive and 2015. During that time it arrived and departed on the following dates:

Earliest Arrival: 4th September

Latest Departure: 21st September

Average Earliest Arrival : 10th September

Average Latest Departure: 17th September

This year it arrived on the 29th August and was last seen on the 6th September which is 11 days earlier than the average figures assuming of course that it is the same bird.

As in previous years the bird was absent for several hours but then would appear, catch a fish and fly off to eat it in a tree generally out of sight. Unfortunately I was going on holiday the day after I took these photos so did not have any more opportunities.

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