Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hobbys at The Lodge

5th August 2016

Hobbys were breeding at The Lodge once again and the young were soon due to fledge. The original fledging date was predicted to be the 15th August., but this was revised to the 7th-9th so time for a visit just in case they were early. Just as well that I did as by the time I got round to the nest the young had already fledged and were sitting around mostly hidden in the tops of the pines.

This meant of course that the two adults were quite active bringing food in for the youngsters and I had worked out that they would need several dragonflies per day so there would be several visits. Unfortunately the adults had other ideas and were bringing in small birds so far less visits were required.

They were mainly flying in low or through the trees so not many chances for a flight shot, but on one occasion there was a quick fly-past.

And eventually patience paid off and one of the adults came a bit closer allowing some better detailed shots. Then, as if by magic whilst the camera was trained on it, it dropped out of the tree to allow a few action shots to be taken. Mission accomplished.

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