Thursday, 28 July 2016

Garganey and a Mediterranean Gull at Rye Meads

21st July 2016

A nice sunny afternoon to pop down to Rye Meads and see what was around. The Kingfishers have just fledged and are showing well in front of the Kingfisher Hide, so the Draper Hide should be nice and quiet. The resident Little Grebes were just outside the window as usual and bringing food to their two small chicks.

The other key species, the Green Sandpipers, were also much in evidence with seven individuals on show, many sporting colour rings from previous visits to Rye Meads or Lemsford Springs.

Tufted Ducks were also diving right in front of the hide, having parked their brood on one of the nearby islands, and Common Terns were bringing in food for their well-grown chicks.

There are three Garganey at Rye Meads at the present time although I could only find two and only one of them was active albeit as far away from the hide as possible. The size comparison with the Gadwall in the foreground is worth noting.

But today's star was the juvenile Mediterranean Gull out on the islands whose well-marked plumage and larger size stood out from the Black-headed Gulls.

It even went for a short flight to show off its distinctive wing pattern with the pale grey bars.

Fantastic!!  I normally have to go to Southend Pier to photograph them this close.

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