Monday, 9 May 2016

......and now on to Abberton

23rd April 2016

After an absolutely fantastic morning at Cuckoo City at Heybridge Basin, time to call in at Abberton in the hope of some other migrants. As in traditional the Layer Breton causeway was the first port of call, but on this occasion for lunch rather than breakfast. Fairly quiet apart from the resident Pied Wagtails that paraded up and down the water's edge on the concrete slope.

At the northern end a Fox was meandering around the meadow totally oblivious to my presence. It is quite evident that their hearing is much better than their eyesight, as it was only when I released the shutter that it saw me and loped off.

Now on to the reserve and time to look at the new hides now that the water levels are high. The Island Hide is by far the best because of the light and today there were a few newly arrived Common terns sitting around on the edges.

Up to now the hides have not realised their full potential, either due to low water levels when the birds are too far away, or the wrong time of year with no birds on the shore. Today, however, the Island Hide came into its own with not only a wagtail right outside the window, but a White Wagtail. Hopefully the first of many good birds and photos to come.

On the trail back to the centre a Sky Lark was having a dust path on one of the new gravel paths and was so intent on the enjoyment of the experience didn't notice my approach.

I decided to call back to the Layer Breton causeway before heading home and just as well that I did. For now there were a number of Yellow Wagtails as well as the resident Pied, and the afternoon sun provided some great opportunities. What absolute gems against the waves lapping on the bank.

But the stars today were the pair of Little Ringed Plover that had arrived since lunchtime. I have been coming to this causeway for 50 years now, and ore frequently since I bought my camera almost 5 years ago, and this is the first time that I have ever seen Little Rings on this causeway. This bird is the female as the patch under the eye is brown.

The same patch on the male is black. What a fantastic way to end the day!!!

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