Thursday, 7 April 2016

Once Bittern.....Twice Shy

25th March 2016

Having arrived at the Lakenheath Fen Visitor's Centre there was a (very) small band of birders by the front door waiting in hope for the Willow Tit to appear. It was now 10.00 am and it hadn't been seen since a fleeting visit at 6.30 am, so I didn't hang around.

The feeders by the veranda were very busy with several Blue and Great Tits, but also the occasional Long-tailed Tit. However, the best by far were the Reed Buntings that were not that interested in the feeders, preferring to sit around in the pond-side Sallows and drop down on to the Phragmites and then down to water level to feed on the debris.

Now on to New Fen and the only bird on show......was a Bittern!. No, not creeping along at the edge of the reeds, but standing right out in the open albeit at the far end of the pool, a distant measured on Google Earth of 100 yards.

So, not very action-packed due to the time of year, but what with the photogenic Reed Buntings and the oddly behaving Bittern, a most enjoyable day.

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