Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Red Kites at Watlington Hill

30th January 2016

Have you ever meant to go somewhere, but never seemed to get round to it? Well, that was my Watlington Hill. Reputed to be the best site in the country for photographing Red Kites, it has been on my list for years, but an objective I have never achieved. So with the winter birds fairly poor at the moment and the forecast of a sunny day, time to finally put this one to bed.

Apart from the kites, the panoramic views at this site are breath-taking and are worth the visit alone. On the opposite sloping hill a herd of Fallow Deer were enjoying the peace and tranquility, miles away from any road.

But back to the business in hand. There were not many kites present, but normally five in view at any one time. They would be soaring some distance away, but would then appear suddenly overhead giving some great opportunities.

There was obviously courtship going on with a lot of displaying and calling from the wood below. Having said that only one bird came to the edge of the wood and showed itself.

But the best bit was that many of the kites drifted so close overhead that it was only possible to get a head-and-shoulders shot, but who is complaining?

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