Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Yellowhammers at Heartwood Forest

8th December 2015

A rare bright and sunny day so time for a visit to Heartwood Forest for another attempt at the Short-eared Owls. The omens were looking good as we pulled into the car park, just in time for a Red Kite to waft slowly overhead allowing a few rather unexpected shots to be taken.

Now in position on top of the hill but no sign of any owls yet, so time for a look around the field margins and the hedgerows. There are not normally too many small birds visible, but they are there and with a little patience they will come to you. First on show today was a small flock of Reed Buntings that were feeding on the ground, but would occasionally fly up into one of the saplings for a look round.

But the stars of the show today were the flock of Yellowhammers that were using the nearby hedgerow as a base to mount forays into the adjacent grassland allowing several opportunities for some shots. What superb birds and such a pity they are not as common as they used to be.

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