Monday, 28 December 2015

Iceland Gull at Kings Lynn

13th December 2015

A juvenile Iceland Gull had been present at the Kings Lynn fishing fleet for a few days now so well worth a visit on my way to Titchwell. I knew the area well from my earlier Norfolk birding days in so was soon at the intersection of the fishing fleet creek and the River Great Ouse,

There was only one birder there who was just leaving saying that the bird was last seen mid-river floating out with the tide. I therefore grabbed my bins and looked down the river towards The Wash, but there was no sign of a gull, only a pair of Mallard. Therefore, the gull had either flown into The Wash...........or had flown back!!

I drove my car along the river wall for a couple of hundred yards and then turned back driving close to the river and inspecting all the gulls on the rocky bank. It wasn't long before I came across the Iceland Gull standing just 10 yards away. Unfortunately it was not possible to take some shots from the car because of the angles and the light, so I parked up and walked back with the light, what little there was, behind me.

The bird seemed very settled and I took photos as I approached, eventually getting to within 10 yards. I am sure I could have got closer, but there was little point as the bird was already filling the frame. If only all birds behaved like this.

I eventually moved on as the bird had obviously had enough when it couldn't even stifle a yawn.

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