Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Wood Sandpiper at King's Meads

4th September 2015


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As for the Whinchats and Wheatear, the Wood Sandpiper had stayed around for a number of days, which in itself is unusual, so a trip to King's Meads focusing on the Wood Sand was in order. In fact when I got there, any hope of also looking for Whinchats and Wheatears were dashed as members of the model aircraft club were mowing the airstrip!!

I knew roughly the area that the Wood Sandpiper was frequenting, but the question was how to view the area without flushing the bird. I decided to keep to the raised banks close to the bend on the New River and Hertford Cut, as this also had the advantage of having the sun behind me should it ever decide to appear. Although there were plenty of Lapwing, Teal and a lone Snipe, there was no sign of the Wood Sand.

I was then joined by Keith Overall and we continued to scan the area. Eventually I found a "shape" in the grass which looked too pale for a Snipe. It was on the edge of the capability of my binoculars, so I took a shot and enlarged it from which I was able to confirm that it was indeed our target bird. It was currently standing partially obscured with its head tucked in, so a good time to work out our strategy of how to get closer should it wake up and start feeding.

And eventually it did wake, had a walk about..........and then the sun came out. I just love it when a plan comes together!!!

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