Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Rather Hopeful Visit to Rainham Marshes in Early August

2nd August 2015

Still quite early for autumn migration although a number of waders had been reported from Rainham so worth a try. The Purfleet Hide was not only quiet but the Phragmites outside was growing up and was obstructing the view, particularly if anything was close in, so therefore straight on in a clockwise direction. There were a number of juvenile Reed Warblers cheeping deep down in the reeds and a flock of Linnets feeding on the seed heads on the bank, although always partially obscured. The saviour at this point was a rather shabby adult Wren in full moult which proceeded to pole dance up a reedmace stem.

Further round the trail the brambles were attracting a number of birds including some young Linnets and Starlings. The Linnets were clearly not interested in the blackberries but had probably been born and bred in the bramble patch. The young Starlings were however gorging themselves on the berries and showing off their smart transitional plumage.

I find Rainham a bit of a spooky place as you often the get the impression that you are being watched, and the Marsh Frogs seem to get bigger and bigger every time I go.

But the star of the show today was this Little Egret that was performing in front of the Butts Hide. It started off very sedately but them entered a period of feeding frenzy where it went charging around chasing every small fish it saw. Absolutely amazing.

Well as is often the case I didn't achieve what I came for, but one thing that you can be sure of is that Rainham Marshes never disappoints.

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