Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mid-summer at Rye Meads

21st July 2015

The height of summer, a warm sunny day, so time for a jaunt down to the Draper Hide at Rye Meads. The water levels were still fairly high so not much exposed mud, just a few margins round islands. As a result the 10 Green Sandpipers were confined to the back of the scrape and beyond the realms of photography. However a pair of Stock Doves did come down for a drink and provided some interest.

Right in front of the hide a young Pochard was getting use to its new surroundings and was practising diving to find its own food.

Basically all you have to do is jump out of the water...........

........stick your head under.............

.................paddle like mad..........

..............until your tail disappears!!

A nearby female Gadwall, or perhaps a male in eclipse, was having a bath with plenty of wing-flapping.

But the stars of today were the Common Terns which were sitting around loafing on perches or the muddy beaches. This one was so laid back it fell off its perch and had trouble regaining its footing.

Despite the breeding season being all but over there was still a great deal of posturing.

This young bird was watching the goings-on until it felt the need for a stretch.

However, as always there a great deal of dancing over the water which makes these birds so elegant and it is sad to think that in just a few weeks they will all be gone for another year.

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