Monday, 8 June 2015

A Return Visit to The Brecks.......and Yellowhammers!!

30 May 2015

Following my most successful visit to the area of clear-fell between Santon Downham and Grimes Graves on the 27th April, a return visit was always on the cards. I didn't hold out much hope for Wood Larks as they would probably be on second broods by now, but I was hopeful that more Tree Pipits would now be on territory. As I walked down the woodland track the most numerous items of wildlife were the very colourful Speckled Yellow day-flying moths. Well, what a good start to the day.

The same Tree Pipit was still the only singing male on site despite the whole of the large area seemingly being ideal. Unfortunately, it was just as unapproachable as before so the only shots I was able to get was from on high. It was evident that the birds here are the subject of a colour ringing scheme.

A little further along by one of the many linear piles of tree roots came the "chat, chat, chat" of what appeared to be a large number of juvenile Stonechats. One of the local birders said that it was a single family party, although subsequent inspection of my photos suggest that two families were involved, as some the young bore colour rings but some didn't, and were of different ages.

Eventually the male appeared and posed for a few shots, not to be out-done by his off-spring.

But the stars of the show today were the Yellowhammers which were obviously breeding in the brambles in the linear piles and were quite happy to sit up perched on an array of dead wood to give quite an artistic effect. What I didn't understand is why they were not evident on the last visit but I was delighted either way as these were the first Yellowhammers I have ever photographed. Magic!!

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