Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sylvia Warblers on the Amwell Dragonfly Trail

1st May 2015

Well that's the gardening finished, the wind has died down and the sun is out, so time for a quick look at the Amwell Dragonfly Trail now that it is open. Unfortunately by the time I got there the sun had gone in and there was a cool breeze so, not surprisingly, nothing in the way of dragonflies or damselflies. I also had a look for any signs of Water Vole but no luck, so perhaps they have retreated to the old River Lea which seems to be their strong-hold.

A search of the wider area did, however, reveal a couple of Sylvia warblers. The first was a male Whitethroat which was singing loudly from a Sallow next to Hollycross Lake. Whitethroats seem to be still arriving as there are not yet that many around the site, but with all the brambles around Hollycross is always a popular site.

However, the surprise today was the discovery of a pair of Garden Warblers along the same area as the Whitethroat. I think this is the first time I have seen Garden Warblers here although of course it is not yet clear whether they are just passing through or going to take up residence. No reason why not as the habitat there is superb.

Only time will tell, so watch this space!!

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