Friday, 17 April 2015

My Annual Pilgrimage to Hunstanton Cliffs for the Fulmar Petrels

8th April 2015

A few days in Norfolk visiting the family so time to call in to see the Fulmar Petrel colony on Hunstanton Cliffs. Sadly, despite the forecast, it was rather overcast so fairly poor light as we walked along the beach from the lifeboat station towards the cliffs.

The birds were soon in evidence wheeling around low over the heads of the many dog walkers, with a number of nests at various heights above the beach on the cliff face. Unfortunately a little too early in the season for the wall flowers to be in flower so the background was rather stark compared with the normal splash of colour. Still it was the birds that I came to see and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Unfortunately, what you can't hear is the laughter of the Fulmars Now on to see what Titchwell has to offer.

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