Friday, 3 April 2015

......and now on to Lackford Lakes

22nd March 2015

Probably a little too early in the season for most spring migrants but, as we were just up the road, certainly worth a visit to Lackford Lakes. Bernard's Hide was very quiet so straight on to the double-decker Charlton-Webster Hide where there was a little more activity. Right in front of the hide a Canada Goose was already sitting on eggs and every 10 minutes stood up to turn them.

However, the unexpected today was the appearance of  a buck Muntjac which appeared to the left of the hide and continued to browse the grass close to some bushes. It is evident, however, that their hearing is acute, as despite being about 50 yards away it heard the shutter on my camera.

Time now to move on and as we were making our way to Bill's Hide a Chiffchaff was singing away in the tops of the trees. These birds are always tricky as they are often out of view or at best hidden by a multitude of twigs, but with a little patience the birds will often come to your side of the tree and allow a shots to be taken.

Now on to the Orchid Hide, a new one for me. The attraction here was the pair of Goldeneye that were displaying in front of the hide, albeit a little further out than I would have liked.

Then I noticed both birds cocking their heads to one side and looking skyward. This was my cue to rush outside and look over the hide, only to see a Common Buzzard circling overhead.. So the lesson here is not only to watch the birds, but also watch what they are doing.

Another great visit to this superb reserve.

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