Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 2 of our Norfolk Tour - Titchwell

6th March 2015

Despite the gloomy forecast it was a bright sunny day. I can't help thinking that even with all the technology available today, weather forecasting was far more accurate in the 1960s, at least the forecast for the next day.

The fresh-marsh was completely dead as they had flooded it to kill off the vegetation on the islands. In fact the water was so high that not a single bit of land could be seen and therefore, not surprisingly, there were no waders at all. On the next section which is now tidal marsh, the tide was out revealing acres of nice sloppy mud to attract dabblers like this pair of Teal.

Redshank, Curlew and Black-tailed Godwits were also making the most of the abundance of food and fortunately were feeding quite close to the path allowing some good shots in the unexpected sun.

On the beach, with the tide so far out, it was quite a trudge down to the water's edge where all the action was taking place. On the beach at Titchwell I always see where the people are and head in the other direction, so that I can wander in amongst the waders without getting in anyone's way. Provided you remain reasonably still and only move slowly you can get amazingly close. It has taken me years to get some decent photos of Grey Plover as they always seemed to be fairly unapproachable, but recently all the Greys I have seen have been absolute posers, not that I am grumbling.

As I stood there wondering what to photograph next a couple of Dunlin flew in from further down the beach and started feeding right next to me. Then a Curlew flew in from the other side, so basically just stand still and the birds will come to you.

But the stars of the show today were the Bar-tailed Godwits, which at this time of the year are so more beautifully marked than their Black-tailed counterparts.

Well, that was a great morning and so now on to Thornham Marsh in the hope of connecting with the flock of Twite.

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