Sunday, 1 March 2015

50 Shades of Grey Lag Geese

15th February 2015

The original plan was to try our luck with the Bramblings at Fox Covert but, being a weekend, the place was over-run with dog walkers and so time to cut our losses and head for nearby Fowlmere. This too was fairly quiet on the bird front, so time to settle down and watch the comings and goings of the flock of Grey Lag Geese on the mere.

So let us start with a selection of portraits, sedate side views, a spot of preening, stretching and generally standing around watching the world go by.

As with all goose flocks, particularly Grey Lags, there was also a great deal of honking and cackling and this particular individual certainly saw the funny side of the joke.

And then of course we have the compulsory flight shots, mainly of course for Ron's benefit, but very rewarding nevertheless

At one point the whole flock took to the air and after a couple of circuits decided to all try and land at once, indicating that there is an urgent need for a control tower at Fowlmere. How there were no collisions remains a mystery and they did all indeed get down safely. The goose in the last shot seemed to prefer to walk on the water rather than land in the conventional manner.

All down safely and the mere was quiet and serene once more with the geese settling down for the night in the middle of the mere safe from the marauding foxes. Fifty shades of Grey Lag Geese.

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