Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Return Visit to Burwell Fen

6th February 2015

My first visit to Burwell Fen was on the 24th January 2015 and was spent finding my way around and taking my first shots of Short-eared Owls. I had intended to come back for some more photos, but this visit was prompted by fellow photographer Ron Baber who wanted to hone his skills on flight shots. It was also an ideal opportunity to try out my new camera which had a larger sensor and a better focusing system, but also allowed me to auto-focus with a 1.4x converter fitted. Luckily, as I stepped out of the car a Song Thrush was running around searching for worms in the adjacent paddock and posed in a most obliging manner. Well, that's not a bad start and the camera/lens/converter combination performed well. So far 10/10.

We crossed the footbridge and had only walked about 20 yards along the river bank when Ron gave insufficient respect to the Cambridgeshire mud and ended up flat on his back. Luckily we had both been on first aid courses and, acting like trained paramedics, set about our tasks with Ron checking his camera and me checking his lens. And then, just so we could finalise our Treatment Report, we checked whether Ron had any broken bones. Luckily only his pride was dented and so we continued on our way with both of us treating the muddy conditions with a little more respect.

I was very impressed during my last visit with the number of Roe Deer present and was hoping for some better shots. There were fewer deer on view today but I did manage one shot, perhaps slightly better than last time.

But now down to business. One of the Short-eared owls appeared on cue and flew west crossing the path as it did on our last visit. This is probably the best place to wait although, realistically, you have only 30 seconds to get your shots. Quite nerve-wracking!!

Overall, quite pleased with the camera and now to check it out on some different subjects.

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  1. Very impressed with the SEO shots - a bird I have never photographed. Could you give me an idea of whereabouts to go...the maps aren't over-helpful!