Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Return to the Magic of Mistley

3rd February 2015

Today's target was The Walls at Mistley where you need to arrive an hour or so before high tide. Unfortunately, it must have been a particularly high tide that day as although we arrived a full 90 minutes before the tide, virtually all the mud was already covered with hardly any waders left. However, by way of compensation, the commonest birds there were Pintail with up to 15 present. I can cope with this form of compensation any day.

A single Knot had been left behind and was continuing to feed along what was left of the shoreline just 15 yards away. For such a dull grey-brown bird they are beautifully marked and have a certain character of their own.

The only other wader was a solitary Redshank which was ever vigilant and certainly earned his country name of Warden of the Marshes.

Well, that was over quicker than expected, so now for an unscheduled visit to Fingringhoe Wick.

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