Monday, 26 January 2015

A Return Visit to Mistley Quay

14th January 2015

After my last most successful visit to Mistley Quay I just had to go back again, but this time right at low tide. Unfortunately the fence was still in place although the birds had changed. The Goldeneye were still present but were keeping their distance and hugging the shade. However, there were a number of other subjects queuing up to have their photo taken. I had assumed that this Black-headed Gull was sitting around waiting for food but it was clearly an anti-fence demonstrator as it suddenly shouted out "Get that blimin' fence down!!!"

Much of the action today was fly-bys although one or two of the Goldeneyes did pose as they swam by.

However, what was different today was the number of Pintail present and so close. They have got to be my favourite duck.

But the stars today were a couple of Harbour Seals that were playing in the channel and not at all bothered by my attentions.

It was quite hard photographing them as most of the time only half of their head was showing above water although one did eventually haul itself out on the far bank. And even Harbour Seals enjoy a mud slide !!!

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