Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Pre-Christmas Visit to Abberton

10th December 2014

Time for just one more visit to Abberton and Mersea before the Xmas break. In accordance with tradition breakfast was served on the Layer Breton causeway at 10.15am followed by a quick scan round with the bins to see what was on the reservoir or close in or on the banks. Nothing!! Therefore the next port of call was the Layer de la Haye causeway.

More luck here with a female Goldeneye feeding quite close in on the western side, so I ducked down below the concrete wall and edged into position. I then gingerly raised my head above the parapet and managed to squeeze off just one shot before the bird took to the air. This came as a bit of a surprise as the bird was at least 50 yards away and would not normally be spooked at that range.

On the eastern side of the causeway things were even better with 3-4 Meadow Pipits feeding at the water's edge. And for once the sun was out and in a reasonable direction allowing some fairly reasonable shots.

So far, so good, so now on to Mersea to see what that brings. Watch this space!!!

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