Monday, 25 August 2014

Querquedula and Ratties at Rye Meads

4th August 2014

The sole purpose of my visit to Rye Meads today was to see if the two Garganeys were still there. As I entered the visitor centre I immediately shouted out "yes", which was quickly followed by "are you a member?" Chum Simon Hummerstone was relaxing behind the desk with a cup of coffee, but when I announced that the mission today was to conduct a Garganey count, he didn't need too much persuading to down his cuppa and join me.

We entered the sparsely populated hide for our count. Simon started counting from the left panning right and I started from the right panning left. At the end of the count we compared notes and found that we were in total agreement with just two Garganeys right in front of the hide. You just can't beat a system. Garganeys tend to spend most of their daylight hours sleeping and this couple were no exception, but they did eventually wake up and go for a wander.

However, the highlight today was the  new family of Water Voles that live under the first bridge from the visitor centre. Normally quite hard to see during the day, here they are enticed into the open by a couple of apples offered on a Water Vole table floating on the water. What a great end to a great day!!

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