Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lights, Camera, Action at Rye Meads

27th July 2014

A few hours to spare so couldn't resist spending it in the Draper Hide at Rye Meads. All was quiet and peaceful with a female Tufted Duck guarding her brood just outside the window. Across the water on one of the beaches there were three Stock Doves, part of the furniture at Rye Meads, but in my opinion both over-looked and under-rated.

But at that point the action started. One of the many Green Sandpipers feeding on the far side of the lagoon decide to fly across to the beach to the left of the hide providing some great in-flight shots.

And then, to the right of the hide a young Common Tern was screaming for food and eventually the adult duly obliged. Another volley of shots. After that I had to go home and lay down in a darkened room.

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