Friday, 1 August 2014

1st August - Emeralds are now due at Amwell

1st August 2014

Emerald Damselflies have never been common at Amwell with at most 1- 3 individuals each year and sometimes no records at all. What is noticeable, however, is that although their flight season starts in the middle of June, they don't normally appear at Amwell until much later. Last year the first record was in mid-July but the majority of the records were in August. I have been to the Amwell Dragonfly Trail twice this year so far to look for them but without success, but on the 1st August there must be a good chance of them appearing.

The dragonfly trail boardwalk was uncannily quiet despite superb habitat and hot and sunny conditions. I therefore moved on to the usual emerald hotspot and within minutes saw my first individual. Half an hour later, and watching the movements going on in the bay, it soon became clear that there were at least three males present, sometimes interacting with each other. Although conditions were quite difficult, I did manage to get a record shot.

On the way back from the bay I saw another male, although it was not conclusive that this was different to the other three, hence the final tally of 3-4.

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