Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cley Marshes Revisited

13th June 2014

After such a good day at Cley on the 9th June we decided to go back for a second visit. This time we headed for Bishop's Hide overlooking Pat's Pool, although as it turned out most of the activity was en route. No sooner had we crossed the coast road our attention was drawn to a family of Sedge Warblers with the young ones scattered around in the vegetation, all calling loudly for food. One of the advantages of photographing young birds is that have no natural fear and are therefore quite confiding and, provided you keep a sensible distance, the adults will still continue to feed them.

As if in competition an adult male Whitethroat was singing loudly from the tops of bushes in the same area and eventually posed in a Hawthorn bush with the light in the right direction for a couple of shots. Thank goodness for a sunny day.

The Bishop's Hide was very quiet so we decided to go to the beach. As usual there were plenty of terns flying past, but the main attractions once again were the Sky Lark and Redshank sitting on the fence posts.

Can't get enough of these!!


  1. Are you sure that Skylark is not a Meadow Pipit?

    1. Sure you are sure but I'm not so if you are sure then what are defining characteristics?

  2. Bill too stout. Eye-stripe to conspicuous and broad. Back not striated, And it was singing like a Sky lark.