Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cetti's and Cranes

I normally post my blogs in strict chronological order but this one somehow slipped through the net.

27th April 2014

Another trip to Lakenheath with Mark this time to see if we could connect with some Bitterns, Bearded Tits and Marsh Harriers but, as is becoming the norm, the weather forecast was totally wrong being overcast instead of wall-to-wall sunshine. Our first port of call was The Wash in the expectation of some terns and hirundines, but all we could see was a single Common Tern feeding way over the back. But by way of some compensation a Cetti's Warbler was giving out a series of song bursts in the trees and brambles behind us.

The surge in their numbers over the last five years has been nothing short of extraordinary and what was once a rare bird is present at most wetland habitats, but that doesn't make them any easier to see. This one, however, did seem intent on giving me a chance as it left the brambles and started moving around in one of the sallows. At my first photo opportunity the bird turned round and did the avian world's version of mooning, behaviour which is not mentioned in any of the books. Eventually it did cooperate and I managed to get a couple of decent shot amidst all the branches.

Moving on to Joist Fen it was fairly quiet with just one or two booms but no sign of any Bitterns and only distant Marsh Harriers. But at least one of the resident Common Cranes performed albeit about 200 yards away.

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