Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Quick Visit to Amwell

22nd April 2014

A quick afternoon visit to Amwell produced rather more than expected. I walked rather briskly up the lane only stopping briefly to photograph a Dunnock that didn't show any inclination to move. Fortunately for us photographers, a number of birds seem oblivious to humans when they are singing or staking out their territory.

Onwards to the viewpoint and all the usual suspects on show with both Redshank and Little Ringed Plovers feeding on the mud immediately below the rail.

I was busy photographing one of the Little Ringed Plovers when I noticed that a second Redshank had appeared although seemed to be keeping to the emergent vegetation in the water . A quick check through the bins revealed that this was in fact not a second Redshank at all, but a rather splendid female Ruff, a Reeve. Not a rarity, but a rather scarce migrant in the Lea Valley. I wish every day had surprises like this.

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