Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spring Has Arrived at Amwell

21st March 2014

Although it been relatively mild for the last few days, it had turned cooler again and standing at the viewpoint in the teeth of a northerly wind was no joke. Not much going on but a pair of Shoveler in the pool immediately below were quite entertaining. I have often seen flocks of 20 or more Shoveler swimming around in circles to create a vortex and bring food morsels to the surface, but this pair were carrying our their 2-duck version.

But after all that feeding and a well-deserved preen it was time for a good old flap of the wings to dry out a bit.

A wander down the lane produced the first real evidence of Spring as if any were really needed, a singing Chiffchaff. Of course, these days it is not possible to tell if this is one of the many over-wintering birds or a new arrival, but the Herald of Spring is welcome nevertheless.

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