Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Spotted Redshank at Amwell

1st April 2014

It was on the 31st March that I received a couple of phone calls to say that a Spotted Redshank had been found at Amwell. This is a real mega and the first at this site for 12 years. Unfortunately I was unable to get down straight away so had to wait to the next day in the hope it would stay around.

As I made my way up to the viewpoint I was told it was still there but sometimes elusive. It was frequenting the far edge of the viewpoint and sometimes would disappear for long periods behind the blocks of Phragmites. However, after a few minutes, it re-appeared and started to move towards the viewpoint. Things were looking good.

Eventually, after a couple of excursions behind the reeds, it ended up feeding in one of the pools just below the viewpoint allowing a number of shots to be taken. If only they were all this easy.

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