Saturday, 22 March 2014

In Search of a Raven

4th March 2014

Third time lucky. I had previously visited The Lodge on the 17th December 2013 and the 7th February 2014 to see what the Ravens were up to. Not a sign. But it is now much later in the season and they should be on eggs, so another visit was warranted. After a cup of tea in the car park I made my way up to the fort and was still approaching the block of Scots Pines when a large corvid flew up into the trees and started to "cronk". Well, that was easy. I took a photo but the bird was deep in shade with the sun at the wrong angle so I carried on to get round to the other side of the pines where there was a small band of birders waiting to see the newly reported Parrot Crossbills.

Here the light was much better and the bird seemed very content to just sit and watch the world go by. It moved a couple of times giving further opportunities in different light conditions. Just look at that beak!!

But the most exciting moment was when the bird rose up out of the wood to have a go at a Buzzard which was coming a bit too close to his territory. I managed to get just one shot of the dog-fight which ensued and this clearly shows that the Raven has a slight size advantage, bearing in mind that that were just feet apart.

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