Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Goldeneye from the new Layer de la Haye Causeway

2nd February 2014

During the last two years work has been carried out at Abberton Reservoir to increase the depth of water in the main reservoir by 10 feet. This has involved extensive works on the Layer de la Haye causeway, making it out of bounds for birdwatching. The work is now complete and as I was driving over the new causeway to the visitor centre, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were lay-bys along the whole length of the causeway with steps leading up to a raised footpath along the eastern side. There is also a low level footpath along the western side. Therefore it is possible to park safely off the busy road and view the reservoir from both sides, with the raised path on the eastern side providing commanding views. Well done to those responsible for this enlightened approach.

I made my way up the steps and couldn't believe my luck as there, right in front of me, was a gorgeous male Goldeneye just 30 yards away, in full sunshine. You had to be quick as it was diving continuously but didn't seem to mind the row of cameras clicking away.

In the words of The Terminator, I'll be back!!

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