Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Goldeneye at Amwell

5th January 2014

I stood at the viewpoint idly passing the time of day with Colin Wills when I glanced over to the White Hide. There, just to the left of the hide as viewed from the viewpoint was a cracking male Goldeneye. No time to lose so I bid my farewells and made haste around the boardwalk.

When I arrived at the hide the bird was still present quite close in and the assembled gathering looked on in astonishment as I ran up to the window to loose off a volley of shots. The White Hide is not one of the best for bird photography as the sun is right in your eyes, but luckily the Goldeneye was slightly to the right and therefore was illuminated by the sun without it getting into the lens. The bird was diving all the time making life difficult as it only stayed on the surface for a few seconds. However, after a while I had amassed a fair few shots.

At this point the Goldeneye decided that it was time to have a break from feeding  and devote some time to its all-important feathers, especially with the breeding season not far off. This allowed a slightly more leisurely approach to the photography with the emphasis switched to selecting the right pose.

And what better to finish on than a full frontal.

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