Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Titchwell in the Afternoon Sun

5th December 2013

We arrived at Titchwell at about 2.00pm so the sun was already getting quite low in the sky and giving everything that golden cast. The most impressive sight was the large flock of Golden Plover out on the mud in the freshwater marsh which positively glowed.

Along the path were a group of Shoveler with the males looking resplendent in their new attire, ready for the next breeding season. It always amazes me how they use that enormous bill for those last-minute adjustments.

The grass bank outside the new Parinder Hide provided lush grazing for a small flock of Wigeon, all looking most colourful in the low sun.

But the gem of the day was this male Teal which was taking advantage of the late afternoon sun to accentuate all his colours.

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