Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Wot a Loada Bling!!

26th September 2013

This time a return visit to Lemsford to try and get some photos of the Kingfisher in better light. Unfortunately, no sign of the Kingfisher but there were three Green Sandpipers in front of the hide. But now I have a clash of interests.

As an ex-bird ringer I fully appreciate the importance of ringing birds and particularly the value of colour-ringing schemes whereby, using a unique combination of two or three colour rings on each bird, it is possible to identify the bird in the field without the need to re-capture it. On the other hand, now as a bird photographer, I do not like to get home and look through my photos only to find the birds are covered in bling.

Green Sandpipers have been ringed for several years at Lemsford and these days it is hard to find a bird that hasn't been ringed and, as you can see from these photos, all three birds have their unique combination of colour rings. In submitting records of any sightings the bird in the last photo would be described as white over red right, blue left.

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