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Titchwell Beach

20th September 2013

The strategy on Titchwell Beach is not to go where the birds are but to go where the people aren't, because the birds will come to you. The light was perfect and coming from over the sand dunes and therefore the main area of interest was the water's edge. Whilst waiting for the first movement, I was aware of being watched and soon spotted the head bobbing up and down in the swell, an Atlantic Grey Seal. These lovely animals are frequently seen along this coast and seem to enjoy a spot of human-watching.

Not surprisingly there is no shortage of gulls, particularly Herring Gulls. These birds are both adults but have significantly differing amounts of marking on the head.

But one of my all-time favourites at this time of year is the grey Plover. Grey Plovers are very common here, but in September some of the adults are still sporting their stunning summer plumage. Unfortunately, this particular individual wasn't going to let me get too close

Getting a bit more busy now with flocks of waders being pushed along the coast by the receding tide. Oystercatchers and Curlews can both be seen in flight close in to the beech allowing a number of action shots to be taken.

One of the spectacles of the North Norfolk coast is the large flocks of Knot and although Titchwell beach normally only has flocks of up to 50 birds compared to the thousands at Snettisham, they are still a joy to watch as they bustle along the shoreline. With a little stealth and patience they are very approachable allowing some superb shots to be taken,

But the stars of the show today were the numerous Bar-tailed Godwits busily feeding along the water's edge. Unlike the Black-tailed Godwit they usually prefer salt water, have a very slightly up-curved bill, a shorter tibia and a very scaly back, and in flight lack the black tail and wing bar.

Yet another superb day at Titchwell which never fails to produce the goods and must rate as the best place within a 3-hour journey radius of Hertford for bird photography.

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