Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Greenshank at Rye Meads

15th August 2013

It was very quiet at Amwell so I decided to pop down to Rye Meads to see if there was anything worth photographing in front of the Draper Hide. I was rather surprised to find that in front of the hide the water levels were fairly high with only a minute strip of mud around the margins. As a result there were no waders immediately visible. A scan of the more distant pools eventually revealed a total of nine Green Sandpipers feeding amongst some vegetation in the water on the eastern side of the scrape. But I was intrigued by a slightly different head that showed intermittently above the veg before disappearing once again out of view.

Eventually, the bird moved out from the margins and into more open water which then revealed a much larger greyer bird, a Greenshank. It was still some 40 yards away but started to move closer and was soon on the nearest spit which allowed a selection of shots to be taken. This is the first Greenshank that I have been able to photograph and probably some time in the future before I will get such close views.

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