Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rye Meads in the Heat

26th July 2013

Another hot day so best to sit in a quiet cool hide at Rye Meads. Well, that was the first mistake as the hide was like a sauna despite all the windows being open. Even the birds looked lethargic although the Green Sandpipers were busy feeding along the algae-lined water's edge. There have been up to 10 here over the last couple of days, but just two today.

There were plenty of young gulls and terns around showing that, despite being dominated by the Black-headed Gulls earlier on in the season, the tern rafts had been successful. This young Black-headed Gull has been ringed in the nest, probably on one of the rafts, but could have flown in from elsewhere. The Common Tern chick isn't ringed, which is a bit of a surprise.

I was just about to start heading back when I heard some rustling just below me. I peered gingerly out of the window and there, just a few feet way was a Greenfinch feeding on the Brambles. It was so close that I had to retreat to the back of the hide to get into position so that I could both focus on it and not scare it. Very unusual to get so close to a Greenfinch without it being on a feeder.

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