Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Spotty Spotted Flycatcher

5th August 2013

Having dipped miserably on my last two attempts to photograph Spotted Flycatchers I thought I would try my luck with the fairly mobile family party that had been seen at Amwell over the last couple of days. When I arrived at the viewpoint Tony Pickford said that he had been watching them just 10 minutes ago about 100 yards along the towpath, but when I got there there was no sign.

One of their favourite places was just across the river from here so I crossed to the other side and, sure enough, there they were with one even feeding on the ground. Unfortunately, the light was in my eyes so I had to get round them before I could start clicking away. They were fairly flighty and although visible were often obscured, but eventually one came out into the open against a lovely pale green background. The spots on the back indicate that this particularly spotty Spotted Flycatcher is one of the young ones.

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