Sunday, 30 June 2013

Don't They Grow Up Fast?

18th June 2013

You will recall my visit to Amwell on the 30th May 2013 when the Lapwing chicks had just hatched. Well, just to remind you, this is what they looked like then.

Well, when I arrived 19 days later I was greeted by one of the adults flying around in a bit of a distressed state. The reason was not my presence but the attention of a couple of nearby Magpies. However, once the Magpies had moved on, peace and tranquility was restored.

A quick scan of the scrape right in front of the viewpoint soon revealed the two chicks but, wow, how they had grown. Instead of just small bundles of fluff, they were now starting to resemble their parents, the only giveaway being their lack of a crest and the orange fringing to the feathers on their back. Although I did not witness it, they are probably old enough to fly now.

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