Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nightingales at Little Paxton

24th April 2013

Little Paxton Pits is a well-known spot for Nightingales, although it is probably 15 years since I have been there. However, with a new camera under my arm, it was now timely to pay another visit. It was a little early for Nightingales, although well worth a visit to re-discover the hot spots.

A quick tour of the site found five singing males, although all were keeping well under cover. During the wait for one to show itself a Song Thrush was singing its head off right in the open and allowed a shot. Up until now I have found Song Thrushes to be quite difficult to photograph as they are still very scarce and, unlike the birds when they were common, quite skulking.

I had decided to call it a day and started to leave the site, and it wasn't until I got almost back to the car park when a male was singing well. A short vigil and the Nightingale showed itself, albeit through a tunnel in the bushes. You can see how blurred the surroundings are.

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