Friday, 3 May 2013

Mrs Jenny Wren

16th April 2013

I took a stroll to Amwell and as it was spring thought I would see if there were any warblers in the wood. Little happening on the warbler front but the residents were getting in to breeding mode and were making there presence known. Probably the most prominent was a little Wren sitting on a branch in the sunshine, apparently quite oblivious to my presence.

When it started singing it reminded me of a song written by Rodney Bennett that my lovely wife Jenny used to sing in junior singing competitions

Mrs Jenny Wren
I have never ever heard
Such a very big voice
For such a tiny little bird.
You sit on a branch
And you sing and you sing
You’re a very bold bird
For such a tiny little thing.
Jenny Wren

If I had a voice for my size
As big as yours
I should never dare to sing
Without shutting all the doors.
I'd sing very softly
For fear they should hear
Or they'd hurry away
And put a finger in each ear.
Jenny Wren

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  1. Did it stand in your way and sing at your for 2 hours by any chance?