Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fowlmere with Mr Marsh

2nd May 2013

Fowlmere is an ideal place for bird photography as much of the habitat is reed beds and short scrub. Therefore, the birds are not too high. Although a little too early for my main quarry, the Turtle Dove, I thought it worth a visit to try and photograph some warblers, so I set off with William Marsh.

In the event the site was extremely quiet with very few warblers singing. In fact we went the entire length of the boardwalk without hearing a Reed Warbler and it wasn't until we got to the bridge at the end that we heard a male singing deep in the reeds. As luck would have it, at precisely that time, he decided to leave the reed bed for a little foraging in a nearby sallow, which afforded a couple of opportunities for some shots.

But it wasn't until we got back to the car park that I managed my first ever photo of that elusive bird, the Lesser Whitethroat. It was easy to pick up on call as it picked its way through the hedgerow, rarely being seen. However, it did eventually show itself, not only in full song but also against a stunning blue sky and Hawthorn background. Very pleased with that.

For better reproduction of my photos, see my photo gallery at flickr.com/photos/seymourbirdies


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