Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Subtle Jumbo Jet

Some birds we just take for granted, either because they are common or dull. The birds that we lavish our attention on are either rare like the Bittern or stunningly colourful like the Kingfisher. But sadly other birds are largely ignored, unless of course you take time out to examine them in more detail. One such example is that jumbo jet, the Wood Pigeon. These large birds are numerous, are shot in large numbers and cursed in many gardens for eating all the bird food, but if you ever get a chance, have a closer look.

The colouring of the Wood Pigeon is a master class in blending pastel colours from the silver grey on the mantle to the blue-grey head, which sandwich the white, green and pink mauve of the neck. Not to mention the red feet. Notice that when they drink the whole bill is submerged right up to the cere.

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