Friday, 7 December 2012

The Waxwings are Back

Waxwings come from Scandinavia and visit the UK in most winters, although their numbers are extremely variable. Last year was a bumper year and they were present across a number of sites in Hertfordshire. This year could be another good year as the crop in Scandinavia has failed and Waxwings have been turning up in large numbers across the north of the country and have been gradually moving south. At last, they have appeared in Hertfordshire at a number of traditional sites, mainly because they have their favourite food, Sorbus (Rowan) berries .

I started off at Tanners Crescent as it is just down the road. Unfortunately, here the birds are either high in a tree or feeding off berries in the shade, neither of which are much good for photography. I therefore went on to The Avenue in Bengeo where they were feeding in a pink-berried Sorbus in a front garden in full sun.

Sun out, sun behind me, birds up close, how could I ever complain.

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