Friday, 2 November 2012

Poor Light Doesn't Stop Play - Part 2

The Grey Lag Goose flock were particularly active. Rather than just loafing around as usual, they were indulging in a communal bath-time which involved much splashing around whilst trying to get their plumage wet, followed by energetic preening and then much flapping of wings to get the whole lot dry again. Makes you feel worn out just watching them.

The Tufted Ducks are now starting to look a bit smarter with most of the males coming to the end of their eclipse moult. This male is almost back to his black and white garb, with just a few brown feathers remaining on the white flanks. Also, note the female showing off her wing-bar.

But the honours for Part 2 must go to the Wigeon which are now starting to appear. Wigeon are winter visitors to Amwell and are returning from their summer breeding grounds. They will build up to a few tens in number but never a large population as there is minimal suitable grazing on site. The bird at the back of the first photo and in the second photo is a male. Adults are already finishing off their eclipse plumage and sporting their silvery-grey attire so I suspect that this is a young bird, just moulting through into its male plumage for the first time.

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